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you at once, + which will probably arrive before this.
Having been optimistic before I am afraid I have
very little hope this time- unless I an persuade the A.C.
to support my claim. And so now the suspense begins
once more.

What joy to home, darling, + oh God how I want to come
it will be the most thrilling moment in all my life-
+ I often wonder where exactly we will meet- I
suppose it is almost bound to be on a station somewhere
I remember how I have always felt at home, when
you have been away for only a few days- + on sept
21st on Gobowen station, when your train was four hours
late. what a moment it willbe my sweetheart -
what a nuisance the luggage will be.

We shall have so much to talk about & tell eachother
& discuss, & there will be Maxie to meet, & all the
time, I shall not be able to leave go of you, &
I shall want to kiss you again & again. It will
be so wonderful & heavenly, it will be unreal.
when I am sitting & writing to you, I long so
much to be able to talk to you. And when I look at
your photographs, which I do so much, I long to
kiss you & hold you & love you. I imagine talking
to you - sitting in our two chairs. & in front of
a fire, & so much to talk of & to interest
eachother. And I think of sitting on your chair,
on the left arm, & with my right arm round
you & coming across your chest & with my
hand on your left should - & them becoming

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