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Letter No 42. Wednesday Major J.H.Massey
14 May 41 6 Palestinian Coy. The
Middle East Forces

My own dearast sweet darling,
Your 34th letter arrived today and distressed me terribly you
were feeling so hopeless and tragic and worried about everytihng.
Thank goodness I had already had your no. 35 by which
time you had cheered up again considerably and how at least
and at last become reassured about money and knew you did
not have to worry any more about it, or the overdraft,
or how to pay the doctor and the nursing home and you
had fixed up with the nursing home, and also I had
had your p.c. of April 12th about having founds a
house in S. Devon. I musts not begin to run on
again about that tragic misunderstanding - but I do feel
so strongly now that a very large part of your misery
and unhappiness ha been directly caused by that. How to pay
the docot - and hor to pay the nursing home - and how to
afford a house, and things for the baby. And what if the
B.C. and D pay stopped. And the disappointment of the
situation after you had been so careful. And the thought that
I ws not caring a damn - and what was I doing with the
money, anyway. And how we should be fixed after the
war. Oh darling - I am longing to have your letters, apologising
for misjudging me. You must understand, my darling,
that if ever the situation were to become difficult, and the
Assn were to stop my 1/2 pay - which I do not think
they will do - I should cut down everything, and live on
the bare minimum. My only thought is for you to
have enought and for us to be able to have a good
beginning after the war - so that the return to Yorkshire
will not be too hoorifying for you. But the thing

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