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junior to me! but I am not going to push my claims. &
am leaving him in charge - as I hope to be away from
here in 3-[illegible] weeks time. Col. L. called in today, on his way
down from Syria. & told me that he had now put my
name forward. but had no idea as to what would
happen; this is about the C.R.O. job of course.

I am by now absolutely busting to get away from this
job. & to get on with the new one. I am completely
browned off with this job - There is so little scope for
energy & [imaginarian?] & doing things. I just feel myself
becoming more & more dead dull & [illegible] & that
only real feelings I [illegible] are aggravation & impatience &
an awful sense of frustration. And my last spark
of hope is going out about posting home - & that
makes me all the more anxious for a change &
for some hard & useful work. instead of this
dull routine stuff what [illegible] me down &
somehow takes up enough of my time to prevent
me writing or reading much. And I am already
beginning to fill up with ideas for the CRO job &
am wanting to get at it & put them into practice.
I really am beginning to feel that unless I can get
down to some real job. which will about my interest
& demand something from me. I shall degenerate
or else become entirely lifeless. As you must know
from my letters. I'm afraid, & as you, poor darling
can understand so well. I have had some pretty
flat patches before. But my present one is [illegible]
all records for length of time & for flatness.
I think, perhaps, that the return to Hafa has
something to do with it. Even though I like th

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