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7. what they do in England) - have given no encouragement whatsoever to their employees to join up, in spite of urgent appeals for men & recruiting campaigns & so on. And believe it or not - this chap Possah is their only employee in the Army, & they are a large & important Bank in Palestine. That is hard to believe, but Possah assures me that it is the truth. He is a very decent chap - is 30 years of age, & was acting Chief Bookkeeper at their Tel-Aviv branch. Quite apart from his mother's urgent plight of the moment - he has no assurance whatsoever & after 8 years of service - that he will be taken back after the war. I rather feel that their London people will be surprised & shocked that such treatment is being given to one of their employees out here. So darling, I want you to go in & put on a good C.O's act - or Major's wife if you like - & see what you can arrange. Ask for the Managing Director & insist on seeing him. The Regional Manager's letter may have have made a favourable or otherwise decision. Or your visit may be their first news of it. Anyway, the Bank here agreed to pay the mother £2 - per month, ex gratia (a nasty

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