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situation + asked his advice. He was inclined to be enthusiastic
+ asked me would I see Shertok. This was all a bit
irregular but I agreed - he contacted S on the phone +
+ we met him on the road, on his way back to
Jerusalem from a meeting. This was all rather unreal
+ Edgar Wallacey - moonlight meeting with political head
of the Jews dressed in white tropical suiting, cigarettes
glowing faintly etc. etc. Shertok was pleased about it, but
worried because he is working + aiming for Jewish Bus.
+ wants to see me commanding the first one. But
to think that is a long way away. He said he wanted
to think more about it + sleep on it- + he phone
me this morning to say he hoped I would go far &
get the C.R.O. job, & that I would have his full support.
& he asked me to promise that if Bus do form, I will
apply to get back as C.O. I wish the Army thought as
highly of me as the Jewish Agency seem to! Perhaps
they will one day. I wonder how the Arabs will like
me if I do this job. It will be rather difficult to
reconcile my Zionism with Pan Arabism.

I mus tstop this at 10d. I am having a farewell party
with the R.A.F. tonight. Even they seem to like me now -
I must be getting soft.

No letters from you for over two weeks, darling. I am
dying & pining to hear more news of you & Maxie -
& hear again that you love me. That is the one & only
thing that matters to me. I love you so much
& so completely, my lovely sweet heart - I do
want to come home so much. All my love &
kisses from your always adoring husband & love - Hary.

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