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which is a small room, oblong 21 ft x 10 ft &
that is mine. In it, I have my camp bed & sand
fly net - all my clothes an odd nails & knocked
together shelves - Peter & his bed, made by the Army
pioneer & my table, on which are your photographs,
my working materials, a lamp, & odds & ends. And
so this is the scene & still are the surroundings
from which I shall be writing to you until
further notice. It has a window at either end,
one overlooking country & the other the officers
latrine & it has a concrete floor, beaver
boarding walls & corrugated iron roof.
The lamp is a good one, thank goodness - one of
those high pressure affairs with a mantle. And so
I suppose I must be thankful for this, & that
I have a room & not a tent. But I am
attended by a collection of flies & moths large
& small & all kinds of other queer things which
fly. what a fly blown, bloody country this is.
To be honest, the country is not bad - rolling
away on one side & a fair range of hills
on the other. The Judeaen hills I think,
which lead on right up to Jerusalem.
Now that I am nearer to the Holy City again,
about 50 miles I believe it is - I must make
a real effort to go there & do some

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