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concentrated sightseeing. My local town of course
is now Tel Aviv, about 10 miles away - I expect
I shall go in there about 2-3 times in a month
& each time with Ben Arzi.

There is a cinema here - open air - & the usual
change of programme every night. But I am
told the machine is pretty dicky, the first
weeks programme is foul - the only one I
shall probably see being "Torrid Zone" with
James Cagney, & which we probably saw
together some years ago.

It really is a great thing having the Coy
all together once more & under my hand. I
have given myself a hell of a talking programme
tomorrow. All officers, 9.30 to 10.30: Sgts 10.30 to
11.30 - break. for a mug of tea - Cpls 12.0 to
12.30 - Lance Cpls 12.30 to 1.0 - the whole
Coy from 2.0 to 3.0. By which time
everybody should know, individually & collectively
just what I think of them. They all need
it very badly - it is good training for
my political career!

There is no doubt at all that this place is very
enervating & sleepy than where I have came
from. It is now 11.45 pm & although I
realise that I must go to bed, I feel

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