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8. I have moved your photographs from the right to the left of my table, & so I can see you more as I write. I love your looks, my darling.

I had a blow of bad news this morning - a telegram from Cairo from Frank to say "Impossible to join you, writing." So there goes my leave again. It is very disappointing. I wonder what has interfered. It must be something urgent & important, because he was very anxious to come back for this tour. I shall hang on & hope that he can come later on.

I had a letter from the dreadful Gil today - return of post to my Airgraph thanking him for his unwelcome cigarettes. It was disgustingly full of sly digs, & catch phrases & bon mots & bits of French & hackneyed Latin. But even so, quite interesting, as I have not heard from Jimmy for a long time - & Frost, Birchall etc either have not written at all or their letters have been unlucky. This Concentration of Labour is very interesting & I am wondering how it will effect Wm & North. business seems to have gone bad every where - no cotton to be had. Willie has been ill again, but nobody noticed for about a month. And apparently my last letter to Birchall from Gebowen did some good - & among other things, a magnificent new set of offices has been almost completed - with modern lighting.

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