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ridiculous and right out of the question. I sometimes think
there is something going wrong with me, and that I am
becoming a bit fishlike - and then I only have to think
about you for a moment, and I know I am alright.
No, my darling sweetheart, I'm just hopelessly, utterly, and
completely in love with you. Nobody else is necessary to
me, and I could not, and would not, allow anybody to come
between us for a single moment. I still feel, and always
shall feel so strongly, that if ever I were to allow anything
to happen, it would somehow spoil things for a long
time to come, even though you knew nothing about it
at all. But it's not really possible to analyse, the
whole idea is impossible and repugnant. It's just you,
you, you, and all of you and nothing but you, for always
and forever. You are sweet, and wonderful darling and there
is nobody like you, and I know it very, very well - and that
must be the secret of the whole business.

Oh God, but you are wonderful and lovely and gorgeous, my
darling - and I am so conscious of it, all the time.

I love hearing you say in your letter that you
will do your bestto be a s pretty as possible for me
when I come back. I know you will and you will
be beautiful and pretty - but I so love you to
know yourself that you pretty too. And I hope that
I am in some measure responsible for you being
so sure about that, lovely darling And I'm quite
certain that you will always be pretty and lovely - and that
I shall always lov eyou passionately. I hope too

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