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Beyrout Feb, 28. 1824

My dear brethren,

Mr. Abbott has kindly written a very strong
letter to Damascus, & ^we^ were on the point of sending Mr.
Lewis to back it up - Mr. L. offered of his own accord to go -
But thanks to God even our Father for his great goodness
to you - We rejoice in your deliverance; but we rejoice with
trembling - During our whole life, I think, we must look
for tumults & persecutions - May we be prepared for [??bond]
and death! - In this country we have enemies before & behind.
But with the sword of the spirit, let us cut our way on
the right hand and on the left - the sword, which the King of Kings
uses, has two edges; & all his soldiers are called, & chosen
& faithful —

Enclosed are letters for you all. Those, that belong
to me, I wish you to preserve - & I will do the same by
Mr. King's — — Mrs. Bird will, I suppose, tell you all
the news of little Willey's teeth, beauty, health, &c. - -

[illegible possibly wife's name in arabic] sends love to you all - she is now reading Miss
Pearson's long letter to Mr. Lewis - Miss Pearson is unques-
tionably the best girl in the Mediteranean —

Brethren, pray for us, as we do for you —
[illegible - possibly signature in arabic script]

Rev. Messrs Fisk, King, & Bird —

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