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hurry hom to see to
things here. Paulina
Wheeler is visiting in town
now she wishes to have
Ann go to the Asylum
& see her brother Henry
& learn all about him
per haps the & she can
go to gether.

Mary was her yesterday
she came herefrom uncle
Timothys his health is
about the same as when
the left but I think
he grows weak all the
time is out of his head
occasionally. cousin Freeman
has taken his houses
down so will probably have
a new one some time.
Maria Taber is gaining

[page break]

slowly goes to the table
most every meal.

Bill Burnhan died last
fourth day with kind of fit
had not been sick long.
There is no more news
in particular that I know
of; it has been very dry
here no rain to speak of
since the first of last
month till last night
when we had a fine
shower which makes
things look finely this
morning. we ar hoing
our corn now & so on.

Alonzo Snow started
yesterday for kind of a
wedding trip to St. johns-
bury will begone about a

Thos B. Stevens

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