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at Richmond, however the "Christian
Commission" sent, with other things
enough Testaments to supply all who
wished them, there. Thine of October
18th 1863 inquiring of my Chills, [underline]came[/underline] in
just the right time for I was then
for the first time, since I left Belle
Isle, suffering from a severe one.
I was out of doors the most of the two
previous and exercised too much I sup-
pose, which brought it on. To-day I
feel well, comparatively, and am in
hopes I may not have many more of
them, at present. I had not heard
a word of Obediah's losing his hand.
Is it true? We have at last received
two months Pay, so, with what I have
received from other sources, I am well
supplied with money, now.

The Rebels do not seem to succeed yet
in occupying Washington. This is in
answer to a query of last year, so it does
not need further comment now.

I had rather they would though, than
for me to spend another five months
occupying Richmond in the capacity
I did before. If they ever [underline]do[/underline], it will be
the death Blow to the Rebellion

[page break]

The weather is very unsettled all
the time most here and a pleas-
ant day is [underline]rare[/underline]. I have received
a letter from Henry: also one from
Capt. Galt. He is at home, expects
to return to his old position, and
wishes to retain me, if it is my
pleasure. That it will be, I have
no doubt. I do not feel like writing
much to-day, so will close. Please
write soon, and often.

Love to all.

W. B. Stevens,
3d Battallion [P.P.?]
Camp Parole