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to the people - offering his help and
cooperation in beautifying the
grounds. Great improvement has
been made on the grounds.

I outlined what I wanted done
before [?? ref...], and they did it all.

The grass thicket was cut away and
the yard graded. The work was well
done. They are going to set out
shrubbery this year and the money
we raised will go to that end.

The desks for Shannon are better
than those for Fairmont.
I think they are Hickory desks but am
not sure. I stopped by Wadesboro
returning. The work there still
wants radiator installation. They are
on the grounds. The dampness still
shows by chimney back of auditorium
stage - but will probably gradually
disappear. Still think gutters would
greatly help.

I have not yet rec'd blue print
for Marion. Would you go down
and take up the matter of
building with Prof Lawrence.

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The only likely Rosenwald school beginning with M appears to be Marion.