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Page Heading:: North Carolina Salisbury district Causes for Tryal to Salisbury Superior Court March Term 1767

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no.Parties NamesWhat actionPleas issues &c.Verdicts Judgments of Orders of this Court
JD 136 JEWilliam Baby v. John Barney StagnerTAB 91Not guilty with leave and issueJury impaneled [?] [?] being called fails to appear [?] [?]
JE 137 RHSamuel Baby v. John Barney Stagner and WifeTAB 92Not guilty with leave and issueContinued
AM 130 NBenjamin Starrett v. James MathewsCase 96General issue Pan and issueDiscontinued
SS AM 139 JDMartin Armstrong v. Robert PearisDebt 97AyerContinued
JE 140 NO JDPeter Johnston v. Oliver WallisTAB 90Not guilty with leave [?] issueJury impaneled [?] [?] the defendant [?] [?] the plaintiff. Damage to 10% [?] [?] costs.
JN 141 JDJohn Williams Junr. v. Peter TeagleyDebt 99Payment [?] and issueJury impaneled [?] [?] the defendant has not paid the bond. Jury for the [?] of £7. 7. 0. [?] [?] from the 13th of April 1765 till paid.
RH 142 JDRobert Carson v. Joseph Crawford & Joseph MitchellCase 105General issue with leave for amend on either SideJury impaneled [?] [?] the plaintiff damage to the [?] £33. 5. 2. [?] [?] [?] Costs.
SS 143 JWThomas Wade v. John WelshCase 107General issue [?] & issueContinued
JD 144 [?]Robert Barnot v. Thomas Sprott[?] amtNot guilty [?] & issueDiscontinued

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