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required to compel all Persons that now do or hereafter shall be appointed to keep a public
Ferry within the said Counties to give good and sufficient Security in the Sum of One hundred Pounds
Proclamation Money payable to the Chairman of the said court and his Successors with condition
that he or they shall and will constantly find provide and keep good sufficient Boats or other proper
Crafts in good repair always to be well attended for Travellers or other Persons their Horses, Carriages
(begin delete) Cattle or Carts (end delete)^(and effects) over any River or Creek; and if any Person shall receive Damage by any Ferry man's
not having complied with the Condition of his Bond, the Person who has so received Damage shall
and may bring an Action of Debt against such Ferry man on the sd. Bond in the Name of the
Chairman and recover for the non performance of the said Condition so much Damages as he shall
appear to have sustained and thereupon take out Execution for whatever shall be so recovered and
apply the same to his own Use. And it shall and may be lawful for any Person detained at any
Public Ferry by Means of the Ferry man's not having sufficient Boat ^ (or other proper Craft) and Hands or by his
neglecting to do his Duty by a Warrant from a Justice of Peace to recover of such Ferry man
twenty five Shillings Proclamation Money for such Default or Neglect

And be it further enacted that upon proper application made to any of the County Courts
mentioned in this Act for clearing Navigable Creeks in their respective Counties it shall and
may be lawful for the said Courts and they are hereby directed and required to appoint such
Overseers of the Roads as live most convenient to such Creeks with their Companies to do and
perform the same as soon as may be after being so directed and upon Neglect or refusal of such
Overseer or Company or any of them to do and perform such Work or Service upon due proof
thereof he or they so refusing or neglecting, shall be liable to the same Fines & Forfeitures as
for Neglect or Refusal of their Service on the Roads(begin cross out) and (end cross out) ^ (which shall) (begin cross out) to (end cross out) be ^ (recovered and) applyed in the same Manner.


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