Mother, I know you must have missed a letter or two from me,
as I weote [wrote?] to ever [?] address...bound to be a mix-up someplace along
the line of five co7ntries [sic]...its been wonderful they have been coming
through both ways so well...

Everything is fine here...though Lael is so deeply in love
that she is in another world...and is really doing fine getting
through it so well with his being in the service and flying JETS as
well...She can do nothing but think of him, naturally...
and we try not to mention it outside the family, it is so precious to
her...Mother she was just pink with delight over the thought of having
an honest to goodness Skii sweater from Switzerland...and you were
a darling to[overstrike letter] take the time and thought to shop for it....

I am hoping this will reach you in London before you come
home...and what a fine trip that shoud [sic] be with a successful and rich
voyage behind you and the rest of the summer to rest up.here...with
everything in oneplace [sic] and all unpacked and neat and orderly again...
the same bed every night...and good old routine again...Well
sweetie, I'll stop for now as there is no news...we've visited around
quite a little bit this summer and July is really tearing by...before
we know it it will be the end of Julyand [sic] we'll be back in town and starting
to think about Colorado for Lael...hope to get down every now and
then during August...but mostly will stay put...and downlwe [sic]
hope forabout [sic] a week the first of September, after we're all lined up for
Lael...Here it is Monday and we are late on our work, so will stop
for now and before we know it you'll be sailing back home...much love
from us all Maudie dear...and try to get an easy trip back...
Much love from Lael and Jinks, too...and Brock dear, if he were only here.


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I didn't try to match the seemingly random number of dots used for punctuation.