Letter: Annie Laurie Burton to Margaret Harper, September 8, 1943

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Sept. 8, 1943

Dearest Margaret & family,

I received the luscious 9 page letter today. You told me in a [?] letter you had written it & I'm was beginning to think maybe I wasn't going to have it - but finally. Thanks ever. Michaels letter was prescious. Tell him I dont think I'll make it home for Xmas, but maybe Easter & I certainly try to bring him something. Doubt if it will be a dog tho or flowers.

I have been terribly busy lately. The club seems to become more & more popular all the time & we increase our activities as the need arises. Today we carried about 200 people on a Labor Day Picnic. Tonite I had charge of a variety show put on by Australian. I had to thank them thru the mike for the show & was I shakey. Then I had my picture made with the cast on the stage for the papers. One of the girls a Russian dancer invited me to her home for Russian food - she's also going to give me some embrodiery [embroidery]. Thurs. nite Artie Shaw is going to play for a dance for us. Mrs. Roosevelt will also be coming soon since she's in this country. Never a dull moment. Tomorrow I have the day off - will play tennis with some of the boys & at nite our club Director is giving a party for the staff. My former roommate is in town tonight & will spend the night with me - in fact thats why I'm up so late - waiting for her to come in. I'm enclosing a picture of her which I'd like you to have Nancy save for me. She has some other junk of mine which she is keeping.

I'm being sent to another club about 20 mi. from here on the beach. It's in a smaller town & I know I'll like it. Helen is there now & she loves it. This city is very crowded, dirty and they dont have anything to offer much so why should I want to stay when I can be in a healthier [clime?] with a

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bunch of swell people I know. Out there they do lots of riding, swiming [swimming] fishing etc & thats the life for me.

So glad you got to the beach. How did you get gas for that or has the situation altered since I left.

I've had several nice letters from soldiers & sailors mothers thanking me for being so kind to their sons while here. Makes one think that all their labor is not in vain.

I hope no body is publishing anything I write. Red Cross might not like it. Cant wait to see what my picture in the Messenger was like. Wish someone would send me the clipping. Nancy wrote that my photo wasnt any too good so I thought Id have one or 2 made here.

We've been having spring showers here & its warming up rapidly. I dont have any summer uniforms yet - so am hoping it wont get too hot too fast.

I got the pictures of Sandy & Mike & love them. Hardly recognized them - they've grown even since I left. How's about a picture of you. I tell everyone about my lovely sisters back home. I've gotten more kidding about being named Annie Laurie - most fellers call lm "Honey Chile" or "No'th Carolina."

My mail is coming in good now. I stay busy trying to get around to all you. Please write often as possible.

I love you all very much. Annie Laurie

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