word French speech (all the [?])
and I thoroughly enjoyed it. [deleted]However
much the French men and women
who were my victims laughed after I left them[deleted]
I didn't even care how much
[deleted]fun[deleted] [inserted]laughing[inserted] my victims [deleted]had[deleted] did after I left.
They took me seriously while I
was face to face with them.

Hal [Ingram?] wanted to know the name
for chicken, as a gay looking French
lady brushed by him. He [deleted]used[deleted] called out
"powlet" [deleted]more than once[deleted] [inserted]to at least a dozen[inserted] after that.
Once also when we stopped before
a store, Hal wanted to know what
meant "Good day." His consequent
"Bon jour" was scorned by the
two "poulets" who were standing
near us. Immediately Hal [deleted]
came back with a "quick, what
means Good night?"

We leave tonight. As usual we
know not whither we are bound.

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