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Nantucket 23rd. 2mo. [MONTH] 1797

Estemed Friend Elisha
Sigorney we Received thine of this month and
observd the contents & we think in Regard to
the mode of Bones must be a Matter of time
Before come in to in General as it must be
much more Difficult for the Manufactory
than the Method we have Wont to have Been in
as to the first Prise [PRICE] of Candles its a matter
must be Left Chiefly to the Seller but as
stock is at Present Candles Cant be Afforded
for any thing short of a Good Price as [STEAD?]
is now up to £105 p [PER] Ton as our Settlements
Partly Rests for the Want of our Act [ACCOUNT] from
the should be Glad when Conveniant thou
would lend it From thy Friend,


Sent by G Holger Jn.

Nantucket 27th. 2mo. [MONTH] 1797 Friend J. Jenkins the oyl [OIL] we shall
ship if not saleable at NYork [NEW YORK] then will order it on for
Phil. [PHILIDELPHIA] or any other way that thou may judge Best for our
Interest. In 1785. 6mo [MONTH] I made Voyage in Brig Bedford to
Turks Island and then wound up my Act: [ACCOUNT] of several Voyages
by Given Drafts on Barzl they all came to hand in season
& was Paid Except a Draft I Gave John Cooper for £24.4
Burmuda [BERMUDA] Currency we Silv. [SILVANUS] Macy Jr Expecting this Latter
Draft for Several year & we Never in that time could
Tell where the sd. Cooper Resided Whether in T Island or Bermuda
save when my Br. Barzl Death Caused the Company to Disolve
& Provision made to pay it out old Companys Mony since which
we have heard [VERBAL?] that the Draft was forwarded (being only single)
& the Vessel with the Draft was Lost which leaves Cooper without
any shew [SHOW] of Demand makes me think the Reason why we have
not heard of him & the Man that had the care of it is Dead Now
& still feel Anxious to Pay the same as its justly due & we from
Nantucket seldom have Passing to Bermuda, should be glad thou
would Talk with Gilcrist Dickason the Man in NYork [NEW YORK] we Paid
the other Draft of J. Lyburn Jr to by way of Querie Whether he
will Permit us to Rite [WRITE] to sd [SAID] Cooper by way of him to know
how we shall pay the £24 4. to Cooper or order so us for the
old Companly of Silv. [SILVANUS] Macy Jr Brother: might be Discharged

Silv. [SILVANUS] Macy Jr

PS: £70 pr [PER] ton is offered for oyl [OIL] here
some has sold up to a Dol. [DOLLAR] pr [PER] Gal. [GALLON]
Dt. [DATE] 1st. 3 mo [MONTH] 1797

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