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& that I had to Remember it when the Ship
Arrived I told the I should Indevour [ENDEAVOUR] to Attend to it, when
the ship Arriv'd [ARRIVED] Rice paid for the boy's Voyage Declaring
the Venter was his & that thou & he had agreed thereto
but before the Voyage was Ready to be D_ a Man
Appeared in thy Behalf & told Several of the owners
that thou Expected Sd. [SAID] Voyage, for the Indian &
Venter of Sd. [SAID] Indian on Sd. [SAID] Voyage was thine [CLEUR?]
of Rice. And that thou had settled with Rice for the
Supply * the Indian had in your Act. [ACCOUNT] you had Together
Some months Before. I then took the Matter in Consid-
eration & Told Rice I could Not D_. him the Voyage
& informed him as Above said he Rice Said the Voyage
was his & he would have it & thou would always
Declare it & further he could have an order
from the to me for the same I told him when
that was Product. I would Pay him the Voyage
he then said he was Bound of & would Bring thy
order but when Returnd he Productt [PRODUCT] no order
& sd. [SAID] thou would be on in a few Days but in the
meanwhile was Verry [VERY] Pressing for to have the
Voyage I put him of with telling him that however
the Voyage Belongd to them I would wish to Pay
thy Letter of 6th 8 mo. [MONTH] 1796 Same to hand I was
[ASENT?] but when Come Home I observd the Contents
which Agreed With former Information that
the Indian was thy Indented servant & that
thou Expected me to Pay the Voyage to thy
order I accondingly informd Rice with using
words that I don't care to Repeat at this time
when thou came here & Demanded the Boys
Voyage, & informaed [INFORMED] the what had Paft [PAST?] with
Rice & well Remember thou Desird [DESIRED] I would go
with the to Rice & be satisfyd that he would Never
make any Demand for thou New that he would
Never make that he Rice would have nothing
to say Tending that way as he had no Demand
for the Voyage Neighther would he Intimate
any such thing to they face as he had
no more to do with the Voyage than an

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