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Troy Nov 7. 1846

Dr Allen,

Dear Sir,

Herewith I transmit the
memoir of Dr. Willard, which in consequence of
your communicating the wishes of the medical
society in your letter to me of Sep 4. I have
prepared; not so soon as I could have wished,
but as soon I was able to spare time.

By your letter, I was uncertain as to the length
to which you wish a memoir to extend--
and as I am somewhat afraid I have made
it longer than you wish, and withal sensitive
on the subject of [garbled?] articles, which are to
be charged to my authorship, I therefore thought
that in sending the article I would wish it to be
considered in Miss Frisbee's keeping until you
decide whether it suits your purpose as it
is. If it does, of course, it is placed in your hands. I suppose you intend publishing something
respecting your physicians, altho your letter
did not precisely say so; and if you [UNFINISHED]