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all the uneasiness attending subordination,
and all the miseries to which an African
is exposed in his removed from his na-
-tive country; while his condition here
is so much more eligible than his
condition there, his removed is to be
esteemed a favor; & the consitution of
our government whereby such removal
is countenanced & encouraged, is by no
means to be esteemed reprehensible.
It is in vain to alledge here the want
of consent on his part. It is evident
from the reasoning above, that consent
in order to subjection is neccssary only
in those cases where the end of authority,
the greatest possible good, cannot be
promoted without it; but who I beseech
you ever tho't the consent of a child, an
Idiot or madman neccessary to his subor-
dination. Every whit as immaterial is
the consent of these miserable Africans,
whose real character seems to be acom-
-pannied of the three last mentioned.

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