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Sinners are necessitous creatures they have nothing of
value left them "In the fulness of their sufficiency they are
in straits" the sinner is but a beggar poor misirable
blind & naked: He can want nothing & yet doth want every
thing that is good: Sin hath stripet him to the skin stabed him
to the heart the iron hath entered into his soul it hath left
him nothing but wound and bruises & putrifying sores:
Is this thy case sinner & hast thou nothing to say?
spread thy wants & necessities before the Lord & let
these speak for thee: learn of beggars that come to thy
door who if they have ever a sore or malady about
them a blind eye a lame leg a burnt hand a broken
arm they will be sure to open to move pity & procure
Alms. Their pinching hunger & their parching
thurst their naked backs their cold lodging thy door
shall be sure to ring of: Never a peny in my purse
never a morsel of bread have I had this long time their
necessity will both make them to speak & help them
to speak.

Thus may sinners spread
their necessities before the Lord spread their wants
open their wounds telling how desperatly sad their
case is telling of the guilt that is upon their head
the cane that is upon their backs the plague that
is in their heart saying God of bowels look hither
behold what a poor blind dead hardend unclean
guilty creature what a naked helpless creature I am
look upon my sin & my misery & let thine eye affect
thine heart "One deep calls to another" A deep of misery
calls to a deep of mercy.

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