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Temporal mercies are then comforts indeed to us,
when they are received by faith. If when we are
in pursuit of mercy we prayed for it in faith with
an eye to the Promise and in dependance upon it,
if we desir'd it for the sake of God's Glory and with
a resignation to God's will and have our Hearts enlarged
by faith, love, and obedience, we may say it
was received by Faith.

Alms-giving, Prayer, and Fasting are three great
Christian Duties, the three foundations of the
Law, say the Arabians, by them we do hom-
age and service to God, with our three princi-
pal Interests; by Prayer with our Souls, by
Fasting with our Bodies, by Alsmgiving with
our Estates. [???] must not only depart
from Evil, but do Good, and do it well, and
to dwell for evermore.

Take heed of my poetry, for if it reign in you,
'twill rain you. This the dead fly that spoils the
whole box of precious Ointments


[upside down:
Here i the]

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I have reviewed all text but had trouble with the unknown word(s) marked with [???]
Possible options are:
Free men
The prince
The response


Could it possibly be "Here we must not only depart
from Evil, but do Good, and do it well, and
to swell for evermore."