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"The secret of Gods presence is sure & a sweet resting place for all his Saints
The secret intimations of the care of God for them of his everlasting
kindness to them of His governing hand in all that befalls them
working it to their greater good

"All things shall work together for good to those that love God."

This is such a Promise as if it were thoroughly believed
wou'd set our feet on the necks of all our fears & dangers and will
prove the truth of samsons riddle "Out of the eater came
forth meat & out of the strong sweetness."

The sum is that all prividential dispensations shall
be so order'd that we shall want nothing but what its
better want than have we shall suffer nothing that
we can as well be without nut what the good of our
souls requires & that which we do posses & that which
we do suffer shall not fail of bringing about its end
the advancing of our eternal good.

What a harvest of blessings is growing up out of this
promise the seed is already sowing your good is already
working God is at work the whole Creation is at work men & Angels
good men & evil men friends & enemies Heaven & earth & Hell
are already engaged to work your Good"

O let us pray for power rightly to distinguish & duly to appreciate
the value of this Promise & may it be blessed to our Souls!

May your experience of divine support direction & protect
be increasing from this through every period of yr future life
& may you be blessed blessin in Him whose presence creates our enjoyments our Life & all

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