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an Officer and party of Marines & Blue Jackets armed to protect
the property.

August 7th After breakfast relieved the Guard and sent a
party of men to assist in stripping her. At 10 the Consul & Commdr
went on board. In the afternoon the Commdr returned and from
him I learnt there was much confusion, quarrelling & drunkeness
on board : at one time seeing a Brazilian walking away with
two bottles of champagne, he stopped him when the man drew
a knife, but was soon secured and disarmed: the Consul
had gone up to Pernambuco for a stronger Guard, for the Natives
knowing we had an armed party on board, and that the
wreck was within range of our Pivot guns, had not again attempted
to plunder on board, but had attacked the store house
in which they were depositing the articles saved : one man had
received a sever bayonet wound - At 5 the night Guard was sent
on board in charge of the Gunner, with written orders about signals
if he wanted assistance : I had gone to bed when I heard
the Officer of the watch report the firing of a rocket. I at once
dressed expecting to be sent away with an armed party: a gun
was fired and blue light burnt to show we had seen the
rocket, and the Commdr went away with an armed party, but
very soon returned : no rocket had been fired from the wreck,
neither had any been seen from shore by the Sentries, so it must
have been a mistake of our Quarter Master : there were several
meteors and he must have been deceived by one of them - A very
nice little punt was given to the Commdr which was hoisted on board.
My patient doing very well - Turned in again -

August 8th Sent boat to relieve Guard: at 9 boat returned
with a present of a cask of ale and case of cognac which Christian
caused to be thrown overboard; there were also several Gallons
of Linseed Oil, Turpentine, Copal Varnish, Yellow & Black Paint

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