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several of the Officers went ashore : I amused by reading the Papers
the Consul brought off and in preparing letters for L and M, writing
also one to the Admiral, the Purser not being on board. Evening
very cool and beautiful, went early to bed.

August 6th Morning showery, a most beautiful rainbow
held a survey on 80 lbs of Fresh Beef received yesterday, condemned
it and threw it overboard. 9 Went to Quarters after which we
began to refit, and gave one watch leave to go ashore; the boat had
been sent for the Commdr and the liberty Mech had nearly got on shore, when
they met and the 1st gig ordering the men to return, and bringing a
message on board for us to light fires at once, and get ready as soon
as possible, to proceed to the Northward, where a French Barque with
Passengers, was on shore : shortly afterwards the Commdr & French
Consul came on board when we unmoored : the Packet left
for Rio and a Brazilian Barque and English Brig went out : after
some trouble owing to a foul hawser, and narrowly escaping getting
on board of two vessels, we steamed out, and when outside
the Pilot left us; it was one of the hottest days we had felt for a
long time: at 2 we observed the French barque on shore, heeling
over on her starboard side : by 3.30 we were abreast of her and
stopped the Engines about a mile to windward of her in 7 fths.
When the Consul and Commdr went away in the whaler to communicate
with her. After getting on board he made a signal
for us to anchor, which we did and soon afterwards another
signal was made for me to go on board immediately : while
they were hoisting the pinnace ou, we saw the Commdr coming
on board, so I waited for him, he brought in his boat one of
the French Sailors who had nearly bled to death from a cut
in the foot. Having learnt from the Captain of the French Barque
that his cargo was a valuable one, and that the Brazilians
in the neighborhood had commenced to plunder, we, sent

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