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Oct. 13. 1868

Archibald Patterson Knight, Renfrew
Anend Marcus Peterson, Colborne
James Cormack, Kingston,
Malcolm McGillivray, Collingwood
Thomas Hendry, Kingston
Hugh Alexander Bain, Paisley

2d year

Second Year
Frederick Welch, Kingston
Edwin Hamilton Dickson, Kingston
Alexander Fowler Riddell, Kingston
Robert John Craig, Kingston
Hugh Urquhart Bain, Perth
Kenneth Neander Fenwick, Kingston
Andrew McCulloch, Nelson

3d year

Third year
Thomas H. McGuire, Kingston
Ebenezer D. McLaren, Homoka
Mark R. Rowse, Bath
George L.B. Frasier, Kingston
Irwin Stuart, Waterloo
Duncan McTavish, Osgoode

4th year

Fourth year
Peter L Livingston, Dawn Mills
John F. Fraser, Kingston


It was found that the scholarships
fell to be awarded as follows:

1st year

First Year
Watkins, Calvin
Campbell Knight
Leitch Memorial (1) Peterson
St. Paul's Montreal (1), Cormack
Mowat, McGillivray
Hardy (1), Hendry

2d year

Second Year
Faculty. Welch

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