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thirty thousand; further, that the sixty thousand proposed to be
raised for Theology would do little more than cover the annual
grant of £550 Stg. received from the Colonial Committee of the
Church of Scotland. It was resolved to try and raise in Kingston
the money needed for the new buildings, and the whole scheme
was inaugurated by a meeting in the City Hall, at which the
Mayor presided and subscription lists were opened. In a short
time the Kingston Subscription amounted to $40,000. Montreal
and Toronto also cooperated with great liberality. An article in the
Record of the Presbyterian Church for November 1878 gives the notes
of a month's canvassing in Western Ontario, and this is referred to as
a specimen of the kind of work that had to be done. In the
same month the Principal had a sharp attack of illness
while canvassing in Glengarry and subsequent attacks in Perth
and Ottawa. These forced him to discontinue the work, but by
this time $140,000 had been subscribed.

The success of the Scheme being thus assured, a Committee
was appointed, on 19th December 1878, to purchase from the
Government a site for the proposed new University building
on the Ordnance land contiguous to the College grounds; the
plan for the Edifice by Messrs. Gordon and Helliwell of
Toronto was selected, and they were instructed to forward


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