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detailed specifications. It was further resolved, that, besides the
privileges attached to donations from individual subscribers of
$500 and $100, in the case of a Church of any denomination, and
also in the case of a School, or other organization contributing a
sum of $500 to the Endowment Fund, they should be entitled
to a Scholarship which should be held in perpetuity.

On the 22nd and 23rd February informal meetings of
the Board were held at which the Principal reported, that, after
negotiations with the Government a strip of land consisting of
Three acres, or thereabout, between the grounds occupied by Queen's
College and the Ordnance lot, had been offered at public sale
at the upset price of $1350, and that it had been sold at
his bid of $1360 to Queen's College.

At the same time, detailed plans and specifications having
been obtained from the Architect, and tenders advertized for, the
following, from among a great number and variety of tenders
which had been received by the Secretary, were selected as those
which the Trustees would accept, provided satisfactory security
were furnished; the Contracts to be duly executed according to the

Excavating, Masonry, }
Brickwork & Plastering}

R. Tossell & Son $25,236.00


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