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1885, that the University should remain permanently
at Kingston, and that every effort should be made to
build it up and extend its usefulness?

P.O Address
Queen's College and University
Kingston, 2nd April, 1885

Sir, - At the last meeting of the Board of Trustees a
Special Committee's Report was adopted, setting forth the views
of the Board on the question of University Confederation.
But as Queen's is supported by private beneficence it was
felt that all its Constituents throughout the Dominion
should be consulted before final action was taken. With
that object in view, it was decided to obtain an expression
of opinion from as many friends and supporters as
possible before the meeting of Convocation to be held on the
29th inst.

You will find apprended a copy of the Report
adopted by the Trustees (dated 13th January 1885) together
with a sheet containing three leading questions, to which
your attention is earnestly directed. The friends and
benefactors of Queen's throughout the Dominion are so
numerous that it will be impossible for me to reach them
all by circular letter. I trust, however, that you will
have the goodness to wait upon those in your
neighborhood who are interested in the subjects,

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