George Jeffrey, Protector Diary



George Jeffrey, Protector Diary
This diary, written by George Frederik Jeffery, talks about an expedition on board the H.M.S Protector from Port Adelaide to the Boxer Rebellion in China. Commencing on 6 August 1900, Jeffery writes of his experiences on board the PROTECTOR. He explains the entire journey as they stop at different cities such as Sydney, Brisbane and Hong Kong. Jeffery also talks about his shipmates and the activities they get up to as they work on the ship and travel for long periods. He also writes of their activities on land as they train with magazine rifles up on the Chinese ranges as well as the celebrations him and his shipmates participated in with other war ships. The end of the diary provides a list of dates as well as the locations in which the ship had docked and sailed.


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George Jeffery Diary 1900

George Jeffery Diary 1900

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