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No. Name Age Color County Crime Years Eyes Hair Height (Additional Comments if needed)
396 J A Smith C Morgan Robbery
397 Frank alias Chicago Smith W Shelby H. B.
398 Geo. Staples C Hamilton --------------
399 Frank E Smith alias J.A. Winney W Knox Bigamy
400 Thos. Spillain alias Splan W Knox H B + Lar
401 W T. Strickland W Wayne Arson
402 W T. Shoptam W Shelby H. B + Lar
403 Jesse Spain C Shelby Larceny
404 Geo. Smithson W Marshall Horse st
405 Will Skinner C Knox Larceny
406 Jacob Shankel W Sullivan Fel Asslt
407 C R alias James Swafford W James Larceny
408 James Sissemore W Knox -------------
409 Luther Smith C Davidson Larceny
410 Geo Sullivan C Madison G Lar
411 Harrison Spraggus C Shelby Larceny
412 Will Sullivan C Dyer Larceny
413 Abe Seay C Smith Perjury
414 Jim Smith C Madison Pet Lar
415 Alfred Shorter C Shelby Asslt to M
416 Burton alias Claiborne Smith C Haywood Fel Asslt
417 John Smith alias Leonard W Hamilton Carrying B Tools
418 Bright Swain C Hamilton Burglary
419 Ed Searcy C Davidson Largceny
420 James Smithson W Franklin G Lar
421 Jonas Smith alias Joe Brown C Fayette Murder
422 Wm Smith C Davidson Asslt to M
423 Matt Sweatman W Harding Asslt to M
424 Alex Sloan C Smith Larceny
425 Andy Spitzer W Hawkins Burglary
426 John alias Joe Sears C Hamilton Larceny
427 Fred Staples C Knox Attemt to Rape
428 Jack Turner C Shelby Burg + Lar
429 Addison Toles C Shelby Robbery
430 Will Thompson C Shelby Larceny
431 Walter Thompson C Knox H B + Lar.
432 Adolphus Thompson C Knox H B + Lar.
433 Wm Tate alias Wm Pate C Knox Larceny
434 W H Thompson W Knox Larceny
435 Wm Tate C Shelby Burglary
436 Joe Taylor C Shelby Larceny
437 Lewis Thompson C Shelby Forgery
438 Geo Taylor C Shelby Burg + Lar
439 Lawrence Turner C Shelby Larceny
440 Sal? Sol? Tolley C Davidson Larceny
441 Bud Thompson C Rutherford Larceny
442 Dudley Taylor C Shelby Larceny
443 Will Tucker C Fayette Larceny
444 Indian Tom alias Doctor C Maury Larceny
445 John Thomas C Maury Larceny
446 George Thompson C Davidson Larceny
447 Wm. Tucker C Davidson Asslt to Mur
448 Robert Threat C Davidson Larceny
449 Fenner Temple C Madison H B + Burg
450 Ike Taylor C Morgan Larceny
451 Tom Vance C Bedford Arson
452 Tom Underwood W Rutherford Bigamy
452 Jack Vaughn W Davidson Larceny
453 Sam Vail W Humphries Rape + Incest
454 Frank Walton C Shelby Burglary
455 Will Williams C Shelby Larceny
456 Lewis Willis C Shelby Larceny
457 J.C. Wheeler W Sumner Horse Stealing
458 Jms A. Wilson W Hawkins Incest
459 Bob Wheeler C Shelby Asslt to Mur
460 Tom Wrode C Fayette Larceny
461 Ruben Wheeler C Davidson Robbery + Lar
462 Rube Whitlorn C Shelby Forgery
463 Charley West C Shelby Larceny
464 Ed Wray C Davidson H B.
465 Jim Wilson C Obion Obstg R R
466 Henry Wilson C Knox H B + Lar
467 Oliver White C Knox Larceny
468 Wm White C Knox Larceny

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Ann Bradley

Note that the number 452 was used 2x for 2 different entries.