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No. Name Age Color County Crime Years Eyes Hair Height (Additional Comments if needed)
469 Alfred Wilson ? Hamilton Robbery
470 John Wilson C Hamilton Burglary
471 Allen Waycaster W Carter Burg + Lar
472 Chas Watkins C Henderson H.B.
473 Henry Williams C Shelby Pet Lar
474 James Wells C Knox H B + Lar
475 Chas Williams C Carter Pet Lar
476 Ed Woods C Jefferson H B + Lar
477 Frank Walker C Shelby Larceny
478 Ike Walker C Madison Lar + Burg
479 Dave Webb C Henderson Pet Lar
480 John Wylie C Madison Pet Lar
481 Moore Williams C Montgomery H B + Lar
482 Chas Williams alias Walker C Shelby Larceny
483 Will Williams C Fayette + Larceny
484 Chas Wilson C Shelby H B + Lar
485 Wm. Wibb? alias Shorty C Shelby Larceny
486 Nels? Williams C Williamson Burglary
487 Robt Walton W Shelby Larceny
488 Geo Washington C Shelby Forgery
489 Robt Williams C Shelby Larceny
490 Jeff Waddington C Hamilton Larceny
491 John Watkins C Hamilton Fel Asslt
492 Richard Weaver C Shelby Larceny
493 Chas Walters W Shelby Larceny
494 A G W Wilson W Dyer Forgery
495 John Williams C Shelby Larceny
496 Geo Washington C Montgomery H B
497 Lee Walker C Granger Larceny
498 Ben Williams W Washington Larceny
499 Wm Wright W Shelby H B
500 Chas Williams C Davidson Larceny
501 Geo Williams C Hamilton H B + Lar
502 Gio Yancey W Bradley Bigamy
503 Robt Yancey C Shelby Larceny
504 Joseph Young C Cocke Incest
505 J H Young C Shelby Burglary

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