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future on this part of Cedar
the necessity of a
sewer is appearant.
Hoping that your
honorable body will order
the construction of this
sewer without delay,
we respectfully remain
Charles ?
William Voigt
George Bixby
Mrs. H Carpenter
Geo Antinum
E.K. Bushnel
Martin Paup
W H Mitchell
Adam Ghrig Jr.
J. N. Bixby
John Hearn
William Thomas
Robert Knife Chalmers of Bord Trustees
of the North Seattle Baptist Church
Geo Kinnear
Alex McLean
F. N. Loomis, owner of lots 7 & 8 bk 19 B & Ds ad
by His atty in fact. Everett Smith
Math Lemm
Nicholas Schmitt
H. J. Jenner
C.P. Stone
C. C. Reynolds
Brawley Bros

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