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M Koon Member Board Alderman
D Phillip Licens officer
John Haley grocers
Charls Robinson Constabel
F. J. Hermen - Bookkeeper Klive and Rosenberg
N. Chilbury Real Estate
M. S. Bittencourt Mill Street Market
A. T. Winsor Bookkeeper Mill St Market
A. F. Hill Cigar Bus
H. Hoggenmasters Merchant
J. M. E. Alkansson Insurance Agent
N. H. Martin agt B. D. M. Co
Peter Grubb Hotel Keeper
C. Johnson Queen Citty Dairy
Anton Nordale Washington Keat
Peter Anderson N. P. Depot
S. M. Archibalo
E. A. Bells Switchman
J. S. M. Smart M.D.
August Mehlhorn
C. W. Lawton
John Kalberg Contractor
Jno. H. Milroy Loan Broker
G. M. Haines Retired M
L. Miller Drayman
L .C. Andersen Howtel and Bar
Aron Andesn Carpenter

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