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J E Crichton president
G K Coryell Deputy Clerk and Clerk of the House
Standing Committees
Judiciary, Legislation and Railroads
Voigt, Hurd, James
James,Voigt, Little
City Lights
Kistler, Hurd, Chapman
Little, James, Gleeson
Harbor and Wharves
Goodhue, Kistler, Hurd
Police License and Revenue
Goodhue, Hurd, James
Fire and Water
Hurd, Kistler, Little
Library and Printing
Chapman, Goodhue, Kistler
James, Little, Goodhue
Sewers and Drainage
Gleeson, Goodhue, Little
Health and Sanitation
Chapman, Voigt, Gleeson
Public Buildings and Grounds
Little, Gleeson, James
Elections and Boundaries
Chapman, Voigt, Kistler
Engrossed Bills
Voigt, Kistler, Chapman
Rules and Order of Business
[Crichton]], James, Goodhue
Gleeson, Chapman, Goodhue
Seattle Wash 189
Mr Claude Troop
Mr Frank Goodhue

Chambers of the House of Delegates

Seattle, Wash. ____________________ 189 ________

its taxpayers would best be served by main-
taining the present licenses and report ad-
versely on the petition and accompany-
ing bills.

We make reference to and incorporate
with our report, as a past thereof, the
opinions of the Corporation Counsel and
City Comptroller hereto attached.

Respectfully Submitted
Frank W. Goodhue,

F. H. Hurd
J. A. James

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