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Common Council of the City of Seattle.
March 2/83
Be it remembered that on this the 2d day of March 1883 the
Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council
Chamber pursuant to law.
The following Offices are present to wit: His Honor the
acting Mayor councilman John Collins and Councilmen O F Cosper
Chas F. Clancy, Fred Gasch, Chas McDonald, G.L. Manning
and U M Rasin
Thereupon the following proceedings are had:
Petitions Received
From F.A. Minick sub-contractor for a partial payment on
account of Jackson Street Grade.
From A.S. Miller et al for changing the grade on Colum-
and 5th Streets. Refered to the Committee on Streets and
Street Improvements
From J.B. Huntley for refunding taxes paid. Referred
to Finance Committee
From A.A. Denny et al for refunding to University Exhi
bition licenses paid. Adopted & Warrant to be drawn
favor L.J. Powell
From J.H. Horrell for a retail liquor license. Referred
to Committee on Licenses and Revenue
From Smith & Farrar et al for a gas lamp foot of
Main Street. Referred dto Committee on Gas Lights.
From J.F. McNaught et al for grading Main Street
Referred to Committee on Streets
Reports Rec'd
From Street Commissioner. Referred to Street Committee
From Surveyor showing work done on 2d & other sts grade.
Referred to Street Committee
From the Clerk. Referred to Judiciary Committee
From the Treasurer. Referred to Finance
From the Treasurer on King and 7th Streets sidewalks.
Referred to Finance Committee
From Harbor Master. Referred to Comtee on Harbor & wharves
Committees Report Rec'd
From Fire & Water supply recommending the granting

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