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Apr 23/83
And now in pursuance to Notice duly published the Council
proceeds to open and consider all bids for the construction
of a sewer in Madison Street under Ordinance No 355. Which
bids are as follows:
Matt Branagan $1300.00
John J Cummings & Co 949.50
William Keane and James Walsh 1296.00
Patrick Dailey and Daniel O'Brien 1260.00
S G Simpson 1440.00
And now it appearing to the Council that the bid of John
J Cummings and Co
is the lowest and best bid & That they are
the lowest responsible bidders. It is ordered that the contract
be awarded to them upon thier giving a bond with good and
sufficient surities in the sum of $500.00
The Clerk submits statements of the cost of grading and
sidewalks on 2d, 3rd, & Intersecting Streets under Ordinance
No 288. Referred to Finance Committee
Ordered that the Plans drawn by Donald Mackay Architect & en-
titles by the Committee on Public Buildings , Property & Grounds
for an Engine House on Columbia Street property be & are hereby
Ordered that the Attorney be & is hereby instructed to submit
an Ordinance authorizing the construction of an Engine
House on Columbia Street
Ordered that the Mayor be & he is hereby requested to
appoint a special Committee of 3 to be known as the Committee
on Columbia Street Engine House to superintend the erection of
the same.
Ordered that upon the filing of specificatin for an Engine
House on Columbia Street the Clerk be & is hereby instructed to
advertise for bids for the construction of the same. Such adver-
tisement to require a bond to be filed with each bid in the
sum of $1000.00 conditioned that if such bid since be accepted
& a contract awarded thereon The bidder is [?] a
contract and Bond for the construction of such Engine House

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