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Sept 18/83
to the Comittee on Licenses
From L B Andrews asking for an equalization of valuation
of property on Madison Street Assessment Roll. Referred to the Street
From Henry Westphal et al for the abatement of a nuisance on
Pike Street between Front & West Streets. Referred to Health Comtee
From Louis Rostein for permission to move Store Building. Referred
to Street Comtee
Communications Rec'd
From J M Snow, Surveyor, recommending certain changes in the
grade lines on Jackson St Extension. Referred to Street Committee
Committees Reports Rec'd
From Street Committee awarding the Contract for the Improvement
of Jackson Street Under Ordinance No 442 to G N Alexander
on his bid there for. Adopted
From Street Committee awarding the Contract for the Improvemet
of Battery Street under Ordinance No 441 to Wm Harkins on his bid
there for. Adopted.
From Street Committee awarding the Contract for the improvement of
South 4th Street under Ordinance No 439 to Frahm & Simpson
on their bid there for. Adopted
From Fire Committee recommending that the Fire Warden is
instructed to purchase 2 heaters for Steam Fire Engines & be instructed
to repair the Water tanks conrers of Front & Cherry and 3d & Cherry
to connect the same with water mains. Adopted
From Gas Committee recommending the granting of the right to
C S Roe to erect spars & stretch wires thereon for Electric light pur-
poses. re-referred to Gas Comtee.
Special Orders of the day
And now the Council proceeds to the consideration and equalization
of the Assessment Roll for the Improvement of Madison Street under
Ordinance No 406, thereupon the Council after due consideration of
the petition of P H Lewis with reference to said assessment, denies the
Ordered that the said Assessmemt Roll be & the same is hereby referred
to the surveyor with instruction to report hereon any corrections in

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