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Nov 9/83
[?] Oct 3, 1883 .Adopted
From surveyor on Jackson Street Improvement #398 approved
From Attorney on the protest of W C Hill against Jackson
Improvement Assessment Roll #442. Approved
Committee Reports
From Judiciary Committee on the matter of charges against City
Justice T H Cann. Adopted
From Finance Committee recommending that Cisterns for
Fire purposes be placed at corners of 5th & Washington, 4th
& Madison, 3rd & University and Front & Bell Streets. Adopted
From Street Committee recommending that $500.00 be allowed
to Strong & Harkins on a/c change of grade in Madison Street. Report
Licenses Granted
Ordered that licenses be issued to the following named persons
for the period of 3 months to wit:
S A Scullin for Retail & 2 Billiard Tables from Nov 11/83
R Pritchard for Retail from Nov 16/83
Pritchard & Lester for Retail from Nov 17/83
Aug Wolff for grocery & 1 Pool & 1 Pigeon Hole Table from Nov 13/83
Smith & Farrar for Retail & 2 Billiard Tables from Nov 8/83
Cowles & Foster for Retail & 2 Billiard Tables from Nov 12/83
Aug Mattson for Retail from Nov 12/83
John Collins for Retail from Nov 8/83
Patrick O'Shea for Retail from Nov 13/83
Geo Peters for Retail from Nov 10/83
claims Paid
The folowing claims having been duly audited by the Council are
ordered paid by Warrants drawn on the funds in the amounts following ,
to wit:
City Fund
Western Union Telegraph Co Telegraph to Legislature $1.90
Herald Publishing Co Printing 4.50
Ebensold & Co Job Work 9.
Wm Gash [?] [?]
[?] [?] 75.

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