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Apr 3/85
From City Justice ordered filed
From Chief of Police ordered filed
Public Benefit Plat & Masonic Cem plat
From Surveyor approving plats of Masonic Cemetary and
Public Benefit Supplemental Addition. Report adopted
Rollin St Extension
From Surveyor on the Rollin Street Extension submitting map
Ordered that the map be & is hereby referred to the Attorney with
instructions to submit an Ordinance condemning the property on the
line of the proposed street including the fractional lots at the in-
tersections with Stewart, Lenora, Blanchard and Depot Streets.
From the attorney on pending litigation. Ordered filed
Spring St obstructions in
Ordered that the Chairman of the Street Comtee be & is hereby instructed
to remove certain obstructions from Spring St between Front and
Second Streets.
Foss slaughter House nuisance Evan slaughter house nuisance
Ordered that the Health Officer be & is hereby instructed toproceed
forth with according to law to abate the slaughter house nuisances
maintained by L W Foss or his sucessor and W W Evans
From Treasurer in condition of Funds Referred to Finance Comtee
Hose to be Sold
From Chief of Fire Dept making recommendation Ordered that
the 250 feet of condemned hose be disposed of to the highest bidder by
the Chief of the Fire Dept.
Ordered that the balance of the Report be referred to Councilman
From Jailor showing prisoners in confinement ordered filed
Liquor Ord
From Judiciary Comtee recommending the adoptionof anordinance
to amend Sec 7 of Ord 637. Report adopted
Constitution of Fire Dept
From Fire Comtee recommending the printing of 100 copies of the con-
stitution of theBoard of Fire Delegates. Adopted
Licenses Referred
Applications for Licenses Rec'd & Referred
L Diller, Bersch & Hink , Wm Grose, McMaster & Caswell, Schoepp &
, Thomas & Morgan, O P Dahlquist, Andrew Lumm &Co.
Grubb & Johnson.
Licenses Ordered Issued
Ordered that licenses be issued as follows to wit:
L V Schnyder for retail intoxicating liquors for 3 months from April 4, 1885
John McCary for retail intoxicating liquors for 3 months from April 15, 1885
The A P Hotaling Co for wholesale intoxicating liquors for 6 months from April 16, 1885

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