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From D.E. Blaine for for remitting penalty, interest & other costs taxed
against the property of the Michigan Mill Co. Referred to Judiciary
From David Kellogg asking an investigation of the sewerage system
of Providence Hospital.
Reports Rec'd
From Sewer Committee recommending a sewer in Fourth Street between
Spring and Madison Streets. Report adopted
From Sewer Committee recommending that the owners of Lot 2, 3, and 4 of Block 18 of Maynards plat be notified to drain or fill in said lots
so as to abate the nuisance maintained therein within 10 days,
otherwise that the Street Commissioner be required to abate said
nuisance at the expense of the property owners of said lots.
Report adopted.
From the Health Officer making an oral report on Slaughter House nui-
sances; also on condition of patients injured by Oriental fire; also on
sewage system of Providence Hospital.
Ordered that the matter of W W Evans Slaughter House be left with the
Health Officer
Ordered that the Clerk be & is hereby instructed to notify Providence
Hospital that the City will be no longer responsible for the care
of one -- Hogan injured by Oriental fire.
From Chief of Fire Dept on Department matters. Ordered filed
From Committee on Public Buildings, Property and Grounds recommending
that the Atty be instructed to submit an ordinance creating the Office
of Custodian of the Powder House. Report adopted
From Street Committee recommending that Mercer Street be opened as
prayed for by D.T. Denny et al. Report adopted
From Judiciary Committee rejecting the petition of Atchison Neill for cor-
recting certain assessments. Report adopted
From Judiciary Committee recommending the granting of the petition
D.E. Blaine. Report adopted
Applications for Licenses Referred
Margaret Sullivan, James Murphy, Flynn & Anderson, John Styfler, Able & Townsend, Andrew Sloan, W. T. Hall, O'Shea & Parent, H. Kersey,Boegli & Braillard,
August Wolff, Julius W. Smith, S.A. Scullin, John Leigh, A J Hemrich

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