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Be it remembered that on this the 29th day of May 1885 the
Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Chambers
pursuant to adjournment.
The following officers are present towit: His Honor the Mayor
John Leary and Councilmen Geo F Frye, W A Harrington, Alfred
, E F Sox, H L Yesler, W G Latimer, W V Rinehart and
S D Crockett
Thereupon the following proceedings are had:
And now the council proceeds with the examination and equal-
ization of hte Assessment roll for the year 1885.
Ordered that the following changes be made on said roll
John Collins reduced on Hotel Improvements to $25,000.
Chas McDonald reduced on Improvements to $300.
Ellen K Marshall reduced on Improvements to $6500.
P Wickstrom reduced on mortgage to $100.
J F McNaught reduced on mortgage to $4370.
W D Wood reduced on mortgage to $60.
W D Wood reduced on mortgage to $350.
Catholic Church reduced on lot to $1300.
Catholic Church reduced on organ to $800.
James McNaught reduced on mortgage to $8679.
W H Reeves reduced on mortgage to $5400.
James M Colman reduced on mortgage to $720.
W A Harrington reduced on mortgage to $2500.
Margaret Sidney reduced on mortgage to $210.
Est of S W Horey reduced on mortgage to $350.
Dan'l Bagley reduced on mortgage to $850.
Fred Sander reduced on mortgage to $3320.
Joseph Morrison assessment to be corrected reduced $30.
H L Yesler reduced $1060.
Ordered that the following named persons be notified to appear &
answer questions regarding their assessments on Monday June
1, 1885 at 8 o'clock pm
Ordered that the City Atty be & is hereby granted an extension of time until
Monday evening next in which to formulate charges against Chief of
Police J H Woolery

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