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A petition rec'd from R C Grimes regarding the drain from Lot 6
Blk 7 of Boren's plat
. Referred to sewer comtt
Ordered that the Chief of Police be & is hereby instructed to proceed
against George Bigelow for a nuisance maintained on Lots
Corner Main & South 4th Streets.
Ordered that the City Atty and Surveyor examine the premises above
mentioned before the Chief of Police proceeds to abate such nuisance
The Street Comtee returns the plat of "W C Hills addition to the
City of Seattle
with their approval. Ordered that said report be
Ordered that the Council stand now adjourned until Monday
June 1 1885 at 8 o'clock pm
Attest E S Osborne clerk
Approved John Leary mayor
Be it remembered that on this the 1st day of June 1885 the Common
Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Chamber pursuant
to adjournment.
The following officers are present to wit: His Honor the Mayor John
and Councilmen Geo F Frye, W A Harrington, Alfred Snyder,
E F Sox, H L Yesler, W G Latimer, W V Rinehart & S D Crockett
Thereupon the following proceedings are had.
And now the council proceeds with the examination and equaliza-
tion of the assessment Roll for the year 1885
Ordered that the following changes be made on said Roll to wit:
Angus Mackintosh to be reduced on Mortgages $3370.
F J Burns to be increased on Mortgages $190.
F M Haller to be increased on Mortgages $125.
Geo F Frye to be reduced on Improvements to $20,000.
Ordered that Fred E Sanders assessment be increased Wednesday evening june 3rd 1885
And now E F Sox as chairman of Police Comtee files written article
for the Impeachment of James H Woolery as Chief of Police, thereupon said
Articles are read and said James H Woolery pleads not guilty to the [?]
Ordered that an investigationof said charges be had by Wednesday
June 3, 1885 at 8 o'clock pm

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