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Jan 4 1886
Be it remembered that on this 4th day of January
1886, the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets
in its Council chamber pursuant to call, the
following officers being present, viz: His Honor the
Mayor Henry L Yesler and Councilmen J Furth,
H Calligan, W A Harrington, Geo W Hall, John Keenen
T W Lake, Charles McDonald, J J Post And G W Young
when the following proceedings were had to wit:
Petitions and Communications
Petition of J W VanBrocklein et al praying that the
sidewalk of Terrace Street between Fourth Street
and Sixth Street be repaired. Read and Referred to Street Com.
Petition of A Elliott et al praying that a certain
portion of Jackson Street be planked. Read and
Referred to Street Committee and recommended by
said committee that the petition be laid on
the table. Report adopted and petition tabled.
Petition of Frankenthal Bros et al praying that
Jackson Street be planked from Commercial Street to
Third Street twenty four feet in width. Read
and on motion said is granted in so far
as to plank said street from Commercial Street
to the planking on Second Street 24 feet wide.
Petition of J B Collins and J Howson praying that
boot blacks be licensed in the City of Seattle
read and on motion tabled.
Petition of W R Brawley et al praying that the
north side of Main Street be planked. Read and
referred to Street Committee
Petition of Wm M Preston praying taht Box Street be
opened, read and referred to Street Committee

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