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Jan 4 1886
Claims Allowed
The following claims against the City having
been duly audinted by the Councilare ordered
paid by warrant drawn on the several funds
W R Forrest 125.00 Salary City Clerk
C H Hanford 100.00 Salary City Atty
A Chilberg 83.33 Salary City Treeasurer
W H Hughes 100.00 Salary Policeman
J H Woolery 100.00 Salary City Assessor
W Murphy 100.00 Salary City Chief of Police
Jas Welch 65.00 Salary Policeman
W M Jones 65.00 Salary Policeman
W H Pinckney 65.00 Salary Policeman
James Burke 67.15 Salary Policeman
Laurence Cummings 91.00 Salary St Commisnr'
James Bogart 60.00 Salary Jailor
James Bogart 47.60 Board of Prisoners
Sunset Telephone Co 5.90 Telephone for Jany
Stetson & Post Mill Co 311.93 Lumber for Stable
Harrington & Smith 25.44 Material for Stable
Chronicle Pub Co 27.38 city Printing'
Lowman & Hanford Co 7.50 Two receipts for Treasurer
Guisseppi Demartini 4.00 Refund Poll Tax 65 years old
R H Thomson 9.00 Services on Road Com.
R H Thomson 73.00 Locating Govt Monuments
R H Thomson 60.00 Services Union St Sewer
James Burke 20.25 Labor on Streets
James Finegan 48.35 Labor on Streets
[total] $383.65
Joseph Mann 51.25 Labor on Streets
John Maloney 53.10 Labor on Streets
Henry Roseburg 49.50 Labor on Streets
Michael Costello 57.69 Labor on Streets
J L McClellan 57.35 Labor on Streets
J Scott 46.35 Labor on Streets

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