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Jan 15 1886
the vote upon the issuance of said licenses being as
follows viz: In favor of same R H Calligan, J Furth, Geo W
, W A Harrington, John Keenen, T W Lake, ChasMcDonald, J J Post and
G W Young against none
Bills Allowed
The following claims against the City haveing been duly
audited by the Council are allowed and ordered paid by
warrants drawn on the Source funds as follows viz:
H F Phillips City 1449 10.00 Rent of stable
H M Wright City 1450 30.00 Stone Monuments
G Kellogg & Co City 1451 4.50 Medicine for prisoners
G A Hill City 1452 20.00 Justice Fees
Geo G Lyon City 1453 14.50 Justice fees
Lou Robbins City 1454 5.00 Posting notice on site of old Miss.
G F Burns Fire 725 10.00 Hauling Eingine No 1
G F Burns Fire 726 1.25 Hauling Bell to No 3
S Cavenaugh Fire 727 1.50 Hauling buckets to Cooper Fire
Post Intelligencer Fire 728 1.50 Publishing Ad Fire Delegates
Wm Hubbert Fire 729 1.50 Repaining Tanks North Seattle
Spring Hill Water Co Fire 33 166.00 Water month of Dec
Franklin Matthias presents plats of Terry's 4th & 5th ad-
dition to the City of Seattle
which after due consider-
ation by the Council are approved.
Councilman J J Post moves that all peddlers of bibles
and testaments be not required to take out license therefor
motion lost by the following vote: In favor of the same
J J Post. Against R H Calligan, J Furth, Geo Hall, W A
, John Keenen, ChasMcDonald, T W Lake and G W Young
On motion ordered that the matter of refunding $4.00 to Geo H
be referred to City Attorney.

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