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Feb 5 1886
From Same committee returning report of the chief of
the Fire Department in regard to Engineer James Ingraham with
the recommendation that the same be tabled for the reason that
there are no charges made against said Ingrahamsave that of
ill feeling. adopted
From Committee on Beach Road reporting that of the 40
lots across which the proposed road would run the free
right of way had been obtained of 33 and negotiations were
in progress to secure the right of way across the remaining 7
Report adopted and on motion the City Attorney is directed to
draw the necessary ordinance establishing said highway.
From Committee on Public Grounds reporting that the soil
of the City Park was not in suitable condition for transplant-
ing shrubbery and recommending that the matter be indefinately
postponed. adopted
From the City Attorney reporting that Geo H Wright is not in
in his opinion entitled to the return of his Road Poll tax as
asked for, as the said Wright was not connected with the
Fire Department at the time the assessment was made and
therefore cannot claim his exemption. Adopted
Also an verbal report from the City Attorney that in his opinion
the ordinance for the licensing of the sale of fruit trees
heretofore submitted is invalid.
Applications for License Referred
E H Huntley, Harris & Peters, E Champeaux, Richentenwald & Co, M J
, John T Lester, A & J Heimrich, A Slorah, Margaret
, Jacob Boegli, Oliver Parent, Fred Gasch, John Feigh,
Aug Wolfff, W Waugh, Andrew Slorah, A Walters & Co, B Kurtz,
Eugene O'Connor & Thomas Radcliffe
Licenses Ordered Issues
The following licenses are ordered issues viz:
John Heimrich Jr Retail Intox 3 months from Jany 16th 1886
Wm McMasters Retail Intox 3 months from Jany 17th 1886

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