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Mar 11 1886
Report of Fire and Water Committee on petition of R C
et al for fire plug at corner of 8th & Pike Streets
recommending that the City take no action until Spring
Hill Water Co.
mains are laid to that point. adopted
Jusiciary Committee return the reports of City
Justice Hill Justice Lyon & City Jailor, with their
approval on motion the reports are ordered placed on file.
Street Committee return report of St Commissioner with
theirapproval ordered placed of file.
Application for liquor licenses are received
from John Collins, Powers and Meyers and F Wilton
referred toLicense Committee
Claim of Quigley and Malone for building box drain
in alley in Block 8 Maynard's read and on motion
it is ordered that the bill be returned to said Quigley
and Malone
. the followingclaims having been duly audited by the
Council are allowed and ordered paid by warrant drawn the respective funds viz:
Name Fund warrant# amount remarks
W R Forrest City 1488 125. Salary Clerk
C H Hanford City 1489 100. Salary City Attorney
[A Chilberg]] City 1490 83.33 Salary City Treas
L Cummings City 1491 84.00 Salary St Comm's
J Bogart City 1492 60. Salary Jailor
J Bogart City 1493 27.40 Board of Prisoners
G G Lyon City 1494 24.30 Justice Fees
J Blood City 1495 2.20 Witness Fees
Geo Behan City 1496 2.20 Witness Fees
Chas Hardy City 1497 2.20 Witness Fees
Ed Norton City 1498 2.20 Witness Fees
L VanDoren City 1499 2.20 Witness Fees
Gordon Hardware Co City 1500 77.50 Leg Irons & Hand Cuffs
Neuman & Argens City 1501 11.20 Padlocks & Keys Jail

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